The Elements of Good Web Design

In designing, it would be best to choose both responsive and adaptive design.

Elements of web design

  • Layout
  • Graphics
  • Color
  • Fonts
  • Content

Web Design Elements

An excellent web design is manifested through its appearance, layout, content and user interface features. Appearance and layout are two different things since the former deal on the color, font and images found in the website while the layout is the way the information found in the website is structured or arranged. The bottom line is that, a good website is not only pleasing aesthetically but also user-friendly. 

In designing, it would be best to choose both responsive and adaptive design. Responsive design, the content is moved depending on the size of the scree; while the adaptive design is when the layout of the website is fixed that also fits to the common sizes of screen. Any of the two can be chosen depending on your needs. 

Web designing entails a connection of ideas and arrange them for a purpose in your website. Its main purpose is to have user-friendly interface. 

The following are the elements of web design:

Layout. Lay outing includes the arrangement of the graphics, texts, ad and others. When layouting, the most important thing to consider is for the website visitor to easily find the information they are looking for. 

Graphics. These enhance the web design. You have company logos, photos and icons which are also necessary in enhancing the web design. There is a need for these graphic to be used successfully since they add to user-friendly features of the website. 

Color. This is something subjective; however, this has a great impact in your online business. The colors convey the kind of personality the person has. This is something subjective and website owners are really asked about this. 

Fonts. There are no hard rules as to what font size and font style to use. The key here is to personally judge on whether the font compliments with the other features of the website. 

Content. This is again another aspect in web design. It tells the message about the products and services you offer. Most importantly, the information you have in your website is read from the contents. These elements need to be full of information so people will definitely trust your website. Once you have useful content, people will definitely be staying in the website and navigate.

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